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Manni Sandhu & Manjinder Singh Shergill - Sant Jarnail Singh Ji (Out Now)

Immortal Productions presents "Sant Jarnail Singh Ji" by Manni Sandhu & Dhadi Manjinder Singh Shergill featuring sarangi by Jatinder Singh Shergill.


The single is taken from the forthcoming Immortal Productions album, "Gadar Di Goonj" (More information on this coming soon).

Available on iTunes, the full video will be releasing shortly!

All proceeds from the single & album go to seva as always. None of the artists involved in Immortal Production projects are paid.

The full album will be releasing this Vaisakhi 2013 and will be featuring Tigerstyle, Manni Sandhu, Moneyspinner & Time Production, Gupsy Aujla, Highflyers, Cloud 9, Bakshi Billa and many more.

All members, which consists of various skilled people, work on the projects on a seva (selfless service) basis in their spare time.  Their emphasis is on the propagation of Sikh values through engaging media, such as music, which will connect with people that would not necessarily be able to connect or understand traditional methods of Sikh teaching.

All proceeds go to Seva, so benti to buy original copy.

Parnam Shaheeda Nu.

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  Sant Jarnail Singh Ji - Single - Manni Sandhu, Manjinder Singh Shergill & Jatinder Singh Shergill