Manjeet Singh - One (Promos)

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   A-Vibe is please to announce the international release of Manjeet Singh's debut album ‘ONE’. A unique flare of Punjabi music introducing some interesting styles and flavours from different parts of the world. A subtle hint of Samba to the traditional soundings of Delhi originated tabla bhols (syllables).

The lead title track ‘Ishq’ has received exceptional reviews from Mumbai, Karachi and Dubai. Already know as the As an introduction we have asked another up and coming artist 'Junia' to work on two of Manjeet's tracks. These have been produced and remixed (Club & House) by Junia.

Junia, a 17year old from Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester, where he fulfilled a scholarship to study western classical. At the same time Junia has been learning Indian classical from Ustaad (master) Fiaz Khan, a tabla maestro since the age of six.

We have already received positive feedback from music directors in the Bollywood industry and have now been asked to produce three tracks for a well known music director.

Promo - Ishq Promo (promo to be aired worldwide).

Music Videos

15 & 30 second promo of the lead track Ishq.

Worldwide airing of promo on all major Asian music channels Zee Music, MTV India, B4U, Music, ETC, V, Darshan to name a few.

Promo and music video play back on Video Juke box, through a ‘Café Coffee Shop’ chain in India (like Starbucks, approx 400)

His debut album ONE is a collaboration between musicians from Delhi, Mumbai, Pakistan and the UK. He was inspired by his desire to bring together some of the best International musicians he has met, especially those from India and Pakistan. An opportunity to bring together traditional rivals from the Indian subcontinent, India and Pakistan together by using music as an international language of mediation.

 The album is out NOW

Manjeet's music has been inspired by his experiences as a British Asian growing up in the UK. He is a product of the rich mix of artists from India, Pakistan and the UK that Manjeet has been fortunate to work with from an early age. It comes as no surprise then that Manjeet’s music is a fusion of eastern and western influences, including Indian and western classical, jazz and Punjabi folk, and is squarely aimed at eastern audiences but with a contemporary UK feel.

Manjeet writes his own unique eloquent Punjabi lyrics which conjure images of a disappearing era of traditional Punjabi culture and its gradual erosion by contemporary lifestyle. His lyrics remind people of the accumulated wisdom in the old customs which is being traded for more hip contemporary culture that has lost much of its wisdom in the drive to be more modern. He is particularly vocal about his sadness at the divisions in the Indian sub-continent between nations like India and Pakistan.

Manjeet has performed with several notable artists like Nitin Sawhney (UK Based Music Director), Aziz Ibrahim (of Stone Roses & Ian Brown fame), Ustad Fiaz Khan (living tabla legend from New Delhi), Hadiqa Kiani (Pakistani pop deva). He also had the opportunity to performed on Channel East with his own Jazz Fusion band.

For the future, Manjeet promises more of his eloquent Punjabi poetry with a special emphasis on developing a better more balanced fusion between the very powerful Drum kit and bass rhythms from the west, coupled with the melodic sophistication, mysticism and beauty from the east.

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