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Jeet Chahil feat. Kubs Matharu - Kaim Sardari (Out Now)

Jeet Chahil is back again with his first single of 2013 titled Kaim Sardari!


Singer Jeet Chahil returns with his first single of 2013, the song promises to hold a modern kick at the same time as keeping the desi alive! The music video as always promises something different than your norm!

The Single, “Kaim Sardari” is due to be released on the 28th of March 2013, this is his 5th Single of his solo career and Jeet expresses his commitment to keep releasing singles for his fans, so that they can get a true feel for what he is about.

Jeet will be interviewing around the country and also performing throughout the summer with some interesting collaborations planned, we can only anticipate what is to come.

The trailer continues the funky style of the production and supports Jeet’s outgoing performances, with not your usual style of brakes and storytelling.

Jeet’s performance will be different and may be considered more humble as he uses real life props throughout the music video. The aim is to show the respect and deliver it to you through fresh eyes!

When asking Jeet, what he loved most about the video, he said – “Having the opportunity to have so many others close to him actually feature as cameos and to be able to leave the traditional Bhangra style video home for the day”!

I am really looking forward to this year as my vocal talent is really being pushed and we are bringing new fresh sounds to the industry. – Jeet Chahil

Kaim Sardari (feat. Kubs Matharu) [Remixes] - EP - Jeet Chahil