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Babbu Maan - Talaash (Out Now)

After a wait of over 7 years, Panjabi youth icon & prolific singer/actor/song writer Babbu Maan returns with a brand new official album titled 'Talaash - In Search Of Soul' - set to release soon worldwide!

2005 last saw the release of a full official Babbu Maan solo album. The album, titled 'Pyaas' went on to become one of the most succesful Panjabi music albums of all time. 'Pyaas' is most famously known for the now cult anthem 'Mittran Di Chattri'. Since 2005, Babbu Maan has gone on to successfully release a number of hit singles including 'Ucchian Imartan', 'Ashiqan Di Line' and most recently 'Singh' from the compilation album 'Aah Chak 2013'.

In 2009, Babbu Maan released his religious album titled 'Singh is Better than King' which featured the now infamous singh 'Ik Baba Nanak Si' - a song that reputedly saw a government ban due to the political nature of the lyrics.

Babbu Maan is now one of the most iconic artists in Panjabi music, with millions of fans in Panjab and based overseas, his new album 'Talaash' has been eagerly awaited by many for years. Babbu Maan has gone on record in the past stating that the the large delay in releasing a new album was due to piracy severely damaging album sales.

Are you a Babbu Maan fan? Will you be looking forward to the album?