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Sukh Josan - 100% Desi (Out Now)

Digidhol Media announces the next release by Sukh Josan after ‘Akh Ladgi’ featuring the vocals of Simranjit Simmi.

Sukh brings to you ‘100% Desi’ which has been produced and sang by himself is set to release on the 14th March 2013 via iTunes.

After releasing the single ‘Akh Ladgi’ last year featured the vocals of a singer who made his debut in the UK market who goes by the name of Simranjit Simmi, the brother-in-law of the legend, the Late Surjit Bindrakhia; Sukhbir Josan now presents to you his latest offering entitled ‘100% Desi’.

‘100% Desi’ is Sukh’s fourth single as a producer but as a singer it is his debut release! On the production side of things, this single is musically different than his previous releases as they have been more desi and towards that side of the scale whereas with ‘100% Desi’ Sukh has taken to a different sound and gone for a more urban sound; highlighting his versatility and capability in production.

Sukh teamed up with songwriter Harinder Singh who penned ‘100% Desi’ for him. Harinder previously wrote two of Sukh’s earlier tracks which were titled ‘Akh Ladgi’ and ‘Valeti Boy’.

The song is about a female who wants a male who is desi or from India. He is trying to tell her that regardless of whether he is born and raised in the UK, he is still 100% desi! The roots of where you come from are never forgotten, so he is telling her not to assume that he is not desi enough because he is from the UK.

100% Desi - Single - Sukh Josan