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Bally Sagoo - Future Shock (Out Now)

Bally Sagoo is back. After a hiatus since his last studio album, ‘Hunji’, Bally has been living out of a suitcase while touring around the world to sell out arenas and been racking up hits with film soundtracks, compilations and more. 'Future Shock' the new album by Bally Sagoo is out now

While the album will stay true to his vintage roots, Bally says “It leans more towards the down tempo and ambient elements that I have slowly developed a taste for”.

The electro and techno beats single showcases again just how ahead of the game Bally is. The international sound is still on point when it comes to the masses.

Official Tracklisting

1. Future Shock Intro

2. Thori Ji Kori (feat. Harry Mirza)

3. Marjaana Dil (feat. Sonu Kakkar)

4. Peg Peg (feat. Kashmira Qadir & Sunita Bhatti)

5. Koi Nahin Hai Mera (feat. Madhvi Shrivastav)

6. Peeke Nena Cho (feat. Gurlez Akhtar & Marvin B)

7. Thumpke Te Botle Khuldi (feat. Shahid Khan)

8. Jeena Nahin (feat. Tamara Menon)

9. Naam Poocheya (feat. Major Singh)

10. Koka (feat. Madhvi Shrivastav & I.T.)

11. Dil Jaan (feat. Indrani Bhattacherjee)

12. Sharabi Nena Waliye (feat. Jagdeep Parwana)

13. Kitha Tenu Pyaar Soneya (feat. Rupinder Handa & I.T.)

14. Heat Of Darkness (feat. Tamara Menon)

15. Thori Ji Kori (feat. Harry Mirza & Rimi Dhar) [Bombay Bronx Mix]