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DJ Raj feat Bill Singh - Nachdi (Out Now)

After the success of his debut single 'Jago', DJ Raj returns with his new single 'Nachdi' featuring the vocals of Bill Singh! The song is out now

VIP Records proudly announce the return of one of the most energetic & versatile producers and without a doubt one of the most promising to emerge in recent years, DJ Raj.

DJ’ing from the tender age of 14 gave DJ Raj the exposure he required in order to display his determination and abilities to entertain, he picked up what he describes as the ‘secret’ to his performances; excellent crowd judgement. If you are performing in front of thousands of people, you need to gain an understanding of what drives them to get on the dance floor; DJ Raj has excelled in this department. After mastering this, it was only natural to progress onto music production, if you know what drives people, why not give them what they want.

Officially known as somewhat the UK’s youngest professional mainstream Wedding & Club DJ, he has performed in some of the most renowned clubs and wedding venues within Great Britain as an integral part of the world renowned discotechque company- Calibar Roadshow. Having toured throughout the UK and Internationally in Canada, LA, Dubai, Amsterdam and India, to name a few destinations, it is safe to say that the progress made so far is only a fraction of what he has set out to achieve. Wowing crowds all over the UK with his unique DJ'n / Hosting Skills not only has the DJ worked and been recommended by the likes of; Jazzy B, Aman Hayer, H Dhami, Garry Sandhu , Imran Khan but in addition to MainStream Artist such as; Neyo , Tim Westwood, Mario, Jeremih, Jagged Edge, Sean Paul & Many More.

Producing an album has always been an interest from his teenage years for Dj Raj and he is set to achieve this feat in 2013. After having released the biggest pre-wedding anthem of 2012 'Jago' ft. Bakshi Billa & Sarbjit Kaur hit charts worldwide with over 220,000 YouTube Views alone 6 months into the release. It wouldn’t require a handful of guesses to predict what was next on Dj Raj’s agenda; Dj Raj starts the year with the sole purpose of producing the biggest dancefloor anthem of the year, and without further ado, he brings to you the second single off the album – ‘Nachdi’.

Dj Raj wanted to make his own stamp on the industry, this can often only be achieved by bringing a new untried vocalist to the table, similar to the way Dj Sanj has lucratively embraced the talents of Jay Status. Nachdi features the raw punjabi vocals of ‘Bill Singh’, and with a video shot by Plan B Productions, as an all round package it is set to do damage.

‘Nachdi’ is ready to be released on 21st February and is the second release from the first album ‘The Debut