Jazz Sahota - Chanjara (Out Now)

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Are you ready for the UK's next FEMALE, PANJABI FOLK VOCALIST? Jazz Sahota gets releases her debut single 'Chanjara' check out full video here!

Jazz Sahota is An Aspiring UK born female Panjabi Folk Singer and Lyricist who is passionate about her heritage. She is wanting to express this passion through her distinctive singing voice and she has accomplished that with her DEBUT Single 'Chanjara'.

Chanjara is a fun loving, up beat single which is suitable for all ages groups and genders. Its concept was put together by Jazz herself as she wanted her Debut Single to represent her versatile voice.

Various folk artists inspire Jazz, one who is particularly close to her heart; Sardarni Narinder Biba ji. Biba ji's phenomenal "hehk" has sent a craze of inspiration into Jazz's mind which is reflected in her choice of lyrics and singing style for her forthcoming releases.

Now, having completed her first Official Debut, Jazz hopes to win the hearts of all Panjabi folk Music lovers with her unique style..

Chanjara is set for release in February and will be available for download on iTunes.


+2 #16 gurshchana 2013-02-28 13:31
chinajat and randeep d uu guys or girls need to fix up...she may not sound great but she is following a path thru her love of music..she may not be size zero but that does not matter ..get a life.. good on you Jazz and teh best way to silence internet nerds is keep doing what u do...
-2 #15 chinajatt 2013-02-28 11:09
sounds like sangra vibes made this she is fat tho lol
+4 #14 RE: Jazz Sahota - Chanjara (Out Now)SinghAndTing 2013-02-28 06:47
Jazz clearly picked a producer who could make a good backing track but her choice of producer didn't get the best vocal performance from her.

I've heard her sing before and she sounded better in person than on this track.

Next time maybe jazz should pick a producer with actual singing ability that could guide her a bit more vocally.

The song itself sounds average at best. And sorry but the video looks like it was shot in someone's don't room.

Advice to jazz would be to work with a better producer on future music and shoot a better video.
-2 #13 Ranbir_Singh 2013-02-23 08:48
Does anyone else think this is a Sangra Vibes production?
+1 #12 kzzy 2013-02-17 06:42
Average singer needs loads of work yet and hope improves as she grow matures good luck.
-2 #11 Yezurrr 2013-02-09 01:19
Are you guys all [censored]in deaf? We know now know who these net soormeh are, haha.
-2 #10 Agent 2013-02-01 01:37
Heard the track at a gig in Leicester and it doesn't feature a rapper however its a weak vocal on a brilliant beat
+8 #9 BhangraAgent 2013-01-30 05:02
#Realist - just heard that clown....rappin g!! like something out primary school play! he needs to stop making himself look like a fool! he one day going to look back at that and feel like a plank!! In regards to jazz sounds basic...punjabi lyrics aint going to be tested! Just hope that plank dont join in and ruin it totally for her!!!
Music Maniac
+4 #8 RE: Jazz Sahota - Chanjara (Out Now)Music Maniac 2013-01-29 18:16
Always love & support new Talents, & Im excited for this to come soon. Her voice is nice & truly would love to see her more in moves :-)
0 #7 Weeman 2013-01-26 22:08

LOOOLLLL!!! Come on bro. :lol: Be a little more realistic.
+11 #6 RE: Jazz Sahota - Chanjara (Out Now)Realist. 2013-01-26 21:20
Not really a fan of this song, it doesnt test her vocally, shes better than this based on her other youtube stuff...i understand the reasoning behind this song being typical as its her debut...hopeful ly her next releases will be better
Really hope that guy next to her doesnt 'rap' in this song, he has no flow, no bars, and no stage presence!!!
-6 #5 Bossman 2013-01-26 21:15
Wrote by jazz herself ! Guaranteed criticising herself so she don't bait it out. Jazz epic fail. Try better next time. Don't like her vocals
Quoting Weeman:
There is quite a big difference between her vocals live and studio recording. Found some videos on Youtube so my judgment is based on that.

Vocally i'm not that big fan of her voice. But she deserves credits for being able to speak and sing punjabi unlike 99% of all the uk singers, and she got vocal ability at some level, so big up for that also and i wish her all the best on her path.

If you ask me then people are just rushing into the industry. I would had rated Jazz Sahota as someone who were "on the right path" but not ready to release an album or already. There are certain levels of singing ability while in UK there is non.

However, Jazz Sahota is better than the average, far better. But if i were her, i would had s[censored]d more time before releasing anything and shine in the industry :-)

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