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2NV - Point Proven [Promos]

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Amaan, also known as 2NV discovered his musical talent from an early age and incorporated his showcasing talents as a music producer on the album “Soul Search” with the ground shaking tracks Tappe 2NV and Kiteh Chaleh.

Considerable time and effort has been spent in the making of Point Proven, ensuring a quality product for all music lovers. The album has been created with a unique sound and feel, helping to deliver highly polished & innovative tracks.

The album 'Point Proven' includes 9 tracks, ranging from slow R&B groves to pure 'Desi' vibes, which aim to appeal to all ears across the board.

POINT PROVEN is to be released in the UK, USA and Canada. A release in India, Pakistan and the Rest of World is scheduled for early 2007.


01. Doh Chariyan - Lyrics: Tradtional - Vocals: Daler Masti
02. Tenu Charaya - Lyrics: Anees Ahmed - Vocals: 2NV
03. Saari Raat - Lyrics: Anees Ahmed - Vocals: 2NV Feat. Momin
04. Ni Soniyeh - Lyrics: Ace - Vocals: Ace Feat. 2NV
05. Kurri  - Lyrics: Anees Ahmed  - Vocals: Ace Feat. 4.5
06. Sharmana  - Lyrics: Anees  - Ahmed Vocals: 2NV Feat. Momin
07. Mere Paas - Lyrics: Anees Ahmed  - Vocals: 2NV Feat. Momin
08. Ni Soniyeh (Juttla Mix) - Lyrics: Ace  - Vocals: Ace Feat. 2NV
09. Saari Raat (Juttla Mix)  - Lyrics: Anees Ahmed  - Vocals: 2NV Feat. Momin & 1st Class 

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The album is out December 1st 

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