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Twin Beats ft Saini Surinder - Lok Boliyan (Out Now)

Twins Beats are back after a space of 3 years with their brand new track entitled 'Lok Boliyan' featuring the dynamite vocals of Saini Surinder.


After the success of their debut album, 'The Sounds of Punjab', which released in 2009, Twin Beats have been busy developing their sound and are now ready to unleash their new beats and ideas starting off with 'LokBoliyan', their latest offering for 2013.

The brothers are best known for tracks like 'Mitran Naal Gidhe Vich', 'Kar Gayian Sauda' which featured the vocals of Saba rKoti and the smash hit 'Tere Nain Nashiley' featuring the vocals of Bikram Singh. Twin Beats began their career as DJs in both the club scene and roadshow market. Since the release of their debut album, Twin Beats have been busy DJing in the roadshow market alongside Eminence Entertainment.

Twins Beats have made their mark in the Bhangra industry through their innovative use of old skool desi sounds infused with heavy bass and urban beats.

'Lok Boliyan' is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming untitled album, which will be released later this year and is just a teaser of what is to be expected from the album;

"The single showcases our style and what the audience can expect from our forthcoming album"

The impact that Twin Beats have had on the UK Bhangra industry has been immense; hence even before the release of the single, the track has already received great support from fellow industry artists and most importantly from the fans.

'Lok Boliyan' by Twin Beats featuring the powerful vocals of Saini Surinder, out soon on VIP Records.

'Lok Boliyan (feat. Saini Surinder) - Single - Twinbeats