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Swami - Back It Up (Out Now)


Two years in the making, it is now time to let the UPGRADE begin...

DJ Swami presents the brand new Swami single ‘Back It Up’, a unique genre defying production of electropop, dance, dubstep and bhangra.
With two different mixes - a Desi Mix in Hindi/Punjabi and the Original Mix in English, DJ Swami, Sups, S-Endz and Liana bring you a visionary flavour of the 2013 dancefloor.

Get ready to Upgrade Ur Sound, blow your speakers, blow your mind and witness the future of international cross-culture dance music!
From January 12th 2013, you can grab a download from swamimusic.com so be prepared to turn up your system, hit play and get ready to experience something totally different. If your neighbours complain, just inform them that there is an UPGRADE IN PROGRESS and it cannot be stopped...