Mick St Clair - Loud 'N' Proud [Promos]

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 Loud ‘N’ Proud features established Artistes such as Lehmber Hussainpuri, Sabar Koti, H S Talwar and  Manjit Rupowalia, along with up and coming Artistes such as Rai Kalsi, Raju Mahi, Kulwinder Laddu, Rampal Ralh and Ruby, making their debut...


 It is well known that Mick St Clair, the executive producer of Loud ‘N’ Proud is an entrepreneur of music (Asian and English), having been a DJ since his teens and also having had a recording studio and record label in his own right.  Mick has been on the look out for serious musical talent on the Asian music scene for some years now.  Loud ‘N’ Proud was therefore initially started in this country but majority of it was recorded in India, when Mick met up with these exceptionally talented Artistes and could not resist recording these gems.  There was such an atmosphere of welcome and friendliness whilst recording Loud ‘N’ Proud that the late nights spent recording in the studio just added to the good humoured fun times spent by all concerned, when the lads would go out to the dhabas for takeaways or take Mick to some of the best restaurants around town.  All in all it took around three months recording Loud ‘N’ Proud, four weeks of this time were happily spent in a studio in India.




01. Aakh Mastani - Manjit Rupowalia [Promo]
02. Nachan Lag Pae - Lehmber Hussainpuri [Promo]
03. Mundiyan Ne (Club Mix) - H S Talwar
04. Dakka - Sabar Koti
05. Maar Maar Ke - Rai Kalsi
06. Roop Majajan Da - Rampal Ralh
07. Mundiyan Ne (Trad Mix) - H S Talwar [Promo]
08. Maggha Marke - Rai Kalsi
09. Duniyan - Raju Mahi
10. Guddi - Ruby
11. Roj Namaste - Kulwinder Laddu
12. Akhiyan De Hanju - Raju Mahi
13. Janam Din (Birthday) - Various
14. Dakka (Instrumental)
15 Mundiyan Ne (Club Mix Instrumental)
16 Nachan Lag Paee (Instrumental)
17 Akh Mastani (Instrumental)
18 Mundiyan Ne (Trad Mix Instrumental)



Tracks 1 and 2, were musically produced by Jeeti. 

Tracks 3, 4 and 7 were produced by Late Night Productions.

Tracks 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 were produced by Fingertips.


Album is out 10TH NOVEMBER on the OSA labe


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:arrow: very nice album
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