Parmjot Singh ft. Nick Chowlia - Mera Bachpan Laindi Aavin Maa (Out Now)

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The song 'Mera Bachpan Laindi Aavin Maa' portrays a yearning for childhood and the comforting presence of the mother, Vocals by Parmjot Singh; Music by Nick Chowlia and Lyrics by Vijay Vaibhav Saini, out soon!


Childhood is the most precious phase of human life. It is a stage of age when one is free from the worldly responsibilities & worries. As a person grows older, the life becomes more complicated and the attitudes more complex.

The song has been penned by Vijay Vaibhav Saini & sung by a budding artist & RED FM Idol finalist, Parmjot Singh. The music has been rendered by Nick Chowlia (En Karma fame). Everything from Vijay's meaningful lyrics to Parmjot's expressive voice and Nick's melodious music touches the heart of the listeners.

"Agreeing to sing this song was a no-brainer", said Parmjot. Nick also echoed Parmjot's comments. He said, "As soon as I heard the lyrics, I was really touched by the words and it was an easy decision to get on board."

The idea of writing this song struck Vijay after he had a regular telephonic conversation with his mother in India. "As soon as the conversation finished, I felt this sudden rush of ideas in my head", said Vijay. "I started writing & completed the it the same day", he added.

Though Vijay has been writing poetry for a while, 'Bachpan' is the first song written by him, it is slated to be Parmjot's first official single & promises to catapult Nick Chowlia in to the genre of soft/emotional Punjabi music.

Incidentally, Vijay, Parmjot & Nick, all left their home for a foreign land at a young age. Perhaps that's why all three feel a very strong connection to the theme of the song & hope their listeners would share similar feelings as well...


+1 #2 RE: Parmjot Singh ft. Nick Chowlia - Mera Bachpan Laindi Aavin Maa (Out Now)arzix 2012-12-05 07:58
deep track thank you x
+2 #1 RE: Parmjot Singh ft. Nick Chowlia - Mera Bachpan Laindi Aavin Maa (Out Now)nikkixx 2012-10-13 09:43
strong lyrics a touching song, need a longer promo :/

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