Soray - Inspirations (Out Now)

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Unable to keep away from his harmonium, Soray releases his album Inspirations produced along sides two well known Bhangra legends hit makers Tom Lowry and Kam Franti.

Oct 2001 Something New an 8 track album was released on the Hi Tech label by an unknown singer song writer who still remains very much unknown in the world of bhangra.  A decade later the artist returns with a 16 track versatile album carefully selected from a range of tracks filled with peace love and pain through losing loved ones struggling financially but finding it hard to stop singing writing composing producing melodies.

Unable to keep away from his harmonium refusing to give up his dream and love for music comes Inspirations produced along sides two well known Bhangra legends hit makers Tom Lowry and Kam Franti highly respected in the world of Bhangra.

Juggling from Frantic Studio to Planet Studio visa versa getting the best out of each producer and adding a little touch of his own by hiring some of the best vocalist and musicians to collaborate with on this long delayed album Love it hate it peace Soray.

Big shout out 2 all my family Dil ,Eshwar, Swarg ,Ninder ,Mama ,Daddy ,Marsh ,Raj ,Mina, Ravi ,Sunil ,Shanice ,Surjit ,Shinda ,Priya ,Vijay ,Bil ,Anita ,Anil, Karan ,Deeva ,Meena ,Kishore ,Chandni ,Jag ,Kally ,tajinder, Jagjit ,Sanjay ,Chander ,Gogs ,Kajal ,Shiv ,Jackie and the budges.

I Soray dedicate this album to the late great legendary lyricist Mohan Lal Saroay who was not only my uncle but my mentor and close friend ,your songs will live on forever rest in peace.

Special Tribute to my late Maasar jee Pyare Lal and late Maasi jee Kishan Devi and late cousin Ajay Kumar Bains [Pupu] rest in peace.


Harvinder Kumar
0 #1 Harvinder Kumar 2012-09-30 11:36
Great Music, Lyrics, Production and im just suprised this mans not BIG. C'mon guys guys bring him up the ladder this man writes and composes his own stuff and his Bollywood style and apart from Shin 'DCS' we aint had no other uk born artist to do this. im an x-dj and i know my music this man has tallent and i dont mind managing him as iv already messaged him personally and got a reply too guys up to u guys to lift him up. Thanks

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