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Desi Dark Child ft. Arun Ji - Sharab Kharab (Out Now)

Desi Dark Records are back with a new single entitled ‘Sharab Kharab’, which introduces a new singer 'Arun Ji' into the Bhangra industry who has been vocally trained by the one and only Master Saleem.


The single will be sure to arouse the attention of today’s youth with the up tempo rhythm and get heads bopping and the single also aims to please the UK Bhangra mainstream genre. Lyrics have been written by Mr Mangu Mal who has been responsible for many other famous releases sang by the mid 90’s UK Bhangra bands. SHARAB KHARAB lyrics have been given considerable consideration to try and bring a major twist to how alcohol is typically portrayed and the effects it has on an individual rather than having a track that encourages drink.

DDC Records are now privileged to announce the release of the song SHARAB KHARAB that has again proven the aim of making good music with good vocalists and lyrics that will be hitting the industry in Sept 2012.

Fans that have followed Desi Dark Child’s music would agree that DDC has consistently maintained showcasing new talent by giving newcomers a platform and those that have been unfortunately struggling financially and politically getting into the industry. Arun Ji is such a singer who has grew up with Master Saleem and has been taught and guided vocally by Master Saleem’s family learning the values of standing up on his own two feet without taking short cuts by name dropping to get into the industry.

DDC Records hope that you will continue to support our music by purchasing it from the professional digital & retail outlets.