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Saq - Stop Look Listen [Promos]

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Saq - Stop Look Listen

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN Is the debut album from Saq, a producer from the outskirts of Glasgow and the latest talent from the VIP Records camp.
VIP first introduced Bhangra fans to Saq on its Pure Desi Volume 1 compilation with Tarrak Tarhi, which was one the most played and requested tunes of 2005.
His love and passion for music has been fuelled by Hip-Hop and RnB greats such Michael Jackson, The Neptunes, Ice Cube whilst Bhangra influences include Gurdas Mann, Kuldip Manak & Tigerstyle.
Stop Look Listen features 12 amazing tracks showcasing some of the finest vocalists from around the world including Lembhar Hussainpuri, Surinder Shinda, Manak-E & NYC’s very own Bikram Singh.
The album brings together a variety of flavors which caters for all generations.  Tarrak Tarhi and Jindh for the desi heads, Pindh Mera and Mela with their deep lyrics for the elder listener, Hai Nahalo and Mittra Da Challan for the dance floor. Bikram Singh and Blitzkrieg maintain the transatlantic relations with some straight up Hip-Hop for all the head boppers. You’ll not find many Bhangra albums with House and Reggaeton beats on them.
Demand is high for this young talent and there’s no rest for Saq as he’s already working on various other projects including the long awaited Blitzkrieg album, K.S Bhamrah, Pure Desi Volume 2 and also producing the Ramesh Chohan album.
Samples from Stop Look Listen can be heard on  Bhangra forums are already buzzing in anticipation for the release.  If you want to know the next big thing you won’t go wrong with Saq.
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Promos of following tracks have been added :
Stop Look Listen - Mohde Te Bandook
Stop Look Listen - Hai Nahalo
Stop Look Listen - Mittran Da Challa
Stop Look Listen - Ik Naam

Album out NOVEMBER 10TH 

1.                    Hai Nahalo
Vocals:           Lehmbar Hussainpuri
Lyrics:            Pumma Patwari
2.                    Jindh
Vocals:           Manak-E
Lyrics:            Sohan Bukhriwala
3.                    Mohde Te Bandook
Vocals:           Bikram Singh
Lyrics:            Sukha Dookchariwala
4.                    Pindh Mera
Vocals:           Surinder Shinda
Lyrics:            Amandeep Singh (Aman)
5.                    Tarrak Tarhi (Reggaeton ReFix)
Vocals:           Bhupinder Singh
Lyrics:            Hind Chalakhiwala
6.                    Stop, Look, Listen
Vocals:           Blitzkrieg, D-Price & KDB
Lyrics:            Blitzkrieg
7.                    Mittran Da Challan
Vocals:           Avtar Deepak
Lyrics:            Unknown
8.                    Ghori
Vocals:           Ramesh Chohan
Lyrics:            Ramesh Chohan
9.                    Oh Kuri
Vocals:           Aman-K
Lyircs:            Ramesh Chohan
10.                 Ik Naam
Vocals:           Surinder Shinda
Lyrics:            Amandeep Singh (Aman)      
11.                 Mela
Vocals:           Amrik Babbal
Lyrics:            Kinda
12.                 Tarrak Tarhi (Original)
Vocals:           Bhupinder Singh
Lyrics:            Hind Chalakhiwala