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Dream B3ats ft. Major Chanalia - Nachna Pao (Out Now)

PRthat & Real Independence are Proud to introduce the Fresh New Producer DREAM B3ATS and his debut Single Nachna Pao featuring Major Chanalia which is out now, listen to promo here!

Nachna Pao (feat. Major Chanalia) - Single - DREAM B3ATS


DREAM B3ATS is a fresh new producer who has come from a wide array of musical experiences, he has had the pleasure of learning the dhol enough so he has been respected to teach and develop the new age dholi’s!

DREAM B3ATS has performed at the Queens Jubilee whilst touring with the UK Dhol Academy, he also performed at various gigs and mela’s around the UK with a minimum audience of 5000 people. His Dhol playing has even taken him internationally where he performed in Germany not forgetting him playing alongside some of the biggest names in the Bhangra industry, such as Manak-E, DJ Vix, Late Kaka Bhainawala, Lehmber Hussainpuri, DJ Gurps, Bee2, DJ H, AG Dolla, ADH & Imran Khan just to name a few!

As part of DREAM B3ATS progression he naturally started to teach Dhol and share his experiences with London’s young Dhol enthusiasts to whom he taught in classes of up to 20 students twice a week.

He has also taken in his stride, setting up his own road show for wedding and event bookings, under the Name DREAM B3ATS Entertainment which promises a great light show and sound ensuring the blasts form the past are mixed with the much loved current top dancing tunes.

This journey for him didn’t stop there with his passion for music ever progressing, DREAM B3ATS has been working alongside his mentor Harvey Sahota to develop and further his production skills, with now in the pipe line, an album from DREAM B3ATS and his Debut Single. We are anticipating imminent the releases from the Real Independence Camp.

His Debut Single Nachna Pao ft. Major Chanalia, is out now! The Song will also be released with a video, this is promised to hold cheek and meaning for something we all no doubt can relate to when asking someone to dance!