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Binnie Marwa - Nain Nashiley (Out Now)

Introducing fresh new talent; Binnie Marwa and his brand new single “Nain Nashiley” – out now via iTunes!

Inspired by traditional UK Bhangra music, Binnie Marwa has allowed his creativity to run wild on ‘Nain Nashiley’ – supported by two distinct remixes. Binnie Marwa has ventured into the unknown with eclectic sounds ranging from dubstep to Bhangra fusion, set to appeal not only to Bhangra fans, but a global market. Binnie Marwa has teamed up with new vocalist Bobby Sarver, who delivers a fantastic vocal performance on ‘Nain Nashiley’.

Still only aged eighteen, Binnie Marwa has a fast growing fanbase, with the teen sensation having already released his debut single at the age of sixteen. ‘Ek Ni Hazzara Dil’ featured UK Bhangra legend Dippa Satrang, and introduced the extraordinary talents of Binnie Marwa to the larger audience.

With his sound constantly evolving, ‘Nain Nashiley’ & its two remixes will give a small insight into what Binnie Marwa is capable of. The video for ‘Nain Nashiley’ was shot partly in France, on the stunning Alps.

‘Nain Nashiley’ by Binnie Marwa will be releasing via Global Voice Syndicate on 16th August, and will be avalialbe to pre-order from 13th August.