Jaz Dhami ft Honey Singh - High Heels (Out Now)

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Jaz Dhami is back with his latest single 'High Heels' featuring the biggest desi rapper in the World YO YO Honey Singh! Check out the promo!


High Heels (feat. Yo Yo Honey Singh) - Single - Jaz Dhami

It's been three years since JAZ DHAMI made his debut with the smash hit album JD - 'Thekewali', 'Bari Der' and 'Roj Miliye' still tunes that get played at every party.

NOW get ready to be entertained in a WHOLE new way! Jaz Dhami has taken his time with this single as he wanted to create something fresh, something we wouldn't expect from him - and he's done just that.

High Heels is an urban dance tune that you will get addicted to. Produced by one of the biggest producers in India and without a doubt the biggest desi rapper on the scene Yo Yo Honey Singh. We also get to hear Yo Yo Honey Singh rapping in Hindi for the first time.

Jaz Dhami spoke to us Exclusively on the single:

" Honey and I had been to-ing and fro-ing with songs, recorded lyrics then binned them. Finally this track came about, once I'd done my vocals, Honey went in and did his thing. When I first heard how he'd made my voice sound, I was put off. I didn't want a heavy effect on my voice. Honeys reaction was "what are you afraid of? Everyone knows you can sing, now let's switch it up". Initially I was sceptical but he had a point, I can and continue to showcase my vocal ability throughout my work. This was about being experimental with sounds. I'm really happy the way the tracks come out and the reaction I've had so far has been crazy! "


Sunni sandhu
+3 #45 RE: Jaz Dhami ft Honey Singh - High Heels (Out Now)Sunni sandhu 2012-10-18 14:41
High Heels is an awesome song...
Played many times at my party...
All my mates enjoyed, including those who didnt even understand a thing being said..
But the fact that is had something to do with 'High Heels'...
krishan parjapat
-2 #44 krishan parjapat 2012-10-01 10:55
wonder fullllllllllllllll...
good song....
yo yo honey singh
Music online
0 #43 Music online 2012-09-27 15:10
CLassic songs.
+3 #42 Obsever 2012-09-24 10:33
I think the track is a great party song with a kicking beat and a must for any wedding DJ's......BUT what is with that HINDI rapping man? This is Bhangra, NOT Bollywood. A minimal requirement of Bhangra is to sing in Punjabi, and Hindi. Leave Hindi to Bollywood man.
0 #41 #kk21bhakar-roath97 2012-09-23 15:06 - Honey Singh is just legendary!! But this song doesn't suit Jaz's voice... pretty disappointed, but hey ho... Honey Singh's rapping is great as usual!
0 #40 BrownGuy 2012-09-17 15:44
Quoting Pop Star:
Wackkkkk, 0/10

Agree with you also.
+1 #39 BrownGuy 2012-09-17 15:42
Quoting Realist:
BAKWAS...overhyped and seriously if anyone else apart from Jaz Dhami & Honey Singh had released it, it wouldnt even get air time...this will probably do well but its going to appeal to 'groupies'or girls who find these guys attractive, or guys who want to be more like these two so girls fird them attractive!

Honey singhs a really good producer, its just that hes money orientated so hes after financial gain and doesnt really care about his message or image, Jaz Dhamis trying to tap into that! Yes you need to put food on the table but dont lose your izzat doing it; the day that someone sings Honey Singhs lyrics to his daughter or sister is the day he will regret some of his music.

Completely agree!
0 #38 BrownGuy 2012-09-17 15:39
This song is horrible, especially the trumpets which can get annoying. I mean come on, hes talking about a girl whose wearing high heels... thats the most stupidest lyric ever. Jaz Dhami needs to step it up, or his career is gonna end fast and he wont get anywhere. As for honey singh, he needs to make better beats, but he killed it on his "International Villager" album. Its all about money in the music industry. No one likes to please their fans.
-1 #37 ramziz 2012-09-13 00:02
best song ever xxxx
Ankit Singh
0 #36 Ankit Singh 2012-09-08 06:44
BUT I love this song! I also like lyrics and video of this song.Honey Singh Rocks ......
-3 #35 BenSINGH 2012-08-30 11:35
I'm hardcore Punjabi, BUT I love this song!

Bollywood/ Dubai Club Style...
-6 #34 0000 2012-08-25 18:14
Quoting JSG:
not the Jaz Dhami i no :s .... i fully respect Jaz Dhami because he CAN sing BUT this song is gunna be :-x

And as for Yo Yo Honey (NOT) Singh... he's done well but sometime he Pisses me off with the music, i can sense and hear that it's copied from other English tunes i.e. Hiphop, RnB etc..

Do something ORIGINAL please

please stop crying and moaning its only 1 song of the album

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