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Sukhdev Darapuria - Under The Radar (Out Now)


Once again the dynamic duo of Sukhdev Darapuria and E=MC return after the success of the F*A*U*J movement, with Darapuria’s solo album. This album offers a wide variety of sounds and lyrics, displaying the talent of the duo. Finally Sukhdev has been given the chance to exhibit his versatile styles of singing.

One of the most dedicated, under rated and motivated vocalist that the game has to offer, Sukhdev Singh Darapuria. For the past 20 years, Sukhdev has performed worldwide, released tracks on various albums, talented at singing folk boliyan, performing traditional bhangra and a new fusion mix of bhangra and hip-hop. Sukhdev has never been given the credit he deserves until his smash hit Azaadi, produced by Toronto’s very own E=MC. That is when many began to say that Darapuria was the one to lead North America to the forefront of the Punjabi music industry. Darapuria slowly began to work on his next album which will be releasing very soon, once more with E=MC.

Working with UK Asian music award winner E=MC has helped Sukhdev attract the new generation of bhangra music lovers. E=MC, known for many hit tracks one right after the other, such as Tere Mere, Gal Sunja, Mahi ve Mahi and of course the song that put this Canadian producer on the map, Desi Fly Chick. After returning back to his home town Toronto, E=MC began to work with many local singers to help put Canada on the map. The F*A*U*J movement displayed the amazing talent of many local singers and indeed did bring Canadian artists back on the map. Recently signing to Planet Recordz E=MC has began to work with many new and up and coming vocalists to help promote them. “There is a lot of unrecognized talent here and as a producer my job is to help these young blooming artists to chase their dreams” says the MC.