Epic Bhangra Ft. 'Amar Sandhu - Morni 2012 (Out Now)

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US based bhangra artists, Epic Bhangra (producer) and 'Amar Sandhu (vocalist) collaborate on a fresh ballad titled 'Morni 2012'.
This song combines warm vocals with ambient guitar, bass, flute solos and various traditional folk sounds, creating a refreshing ensemble of soulful and melodious bhangra.
'Morni 2012' is available for download via iTunes and all other major digital stores.


+3 #2 RedNotch 2012-08-03 04:17
Epic Bhangra doesnt disappoint,keep s it fresh. Keep it going bruv.
Brown Guy
+5 #1 Brown Guy 2012-08-02 18:29
Best song ever! Sick collaboration amar and epic.... Its on repeat all day in my car!

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