Tariq Khan - Desi Kudiyan (Out Now)

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Tariq Khan is back for 2012 with his brand new single 'Desi Kudiyan' music by Kam Frantic & Tariq Khan the brand new summer single out now on iTunes worldwide!

Desi Kudiyan - Single - Tariq Khan

As modern as we may become in multi-cultural Britain, Desi Kudiyan will always retain some element of their rich tradition, and that is exactly what Tariq Khan is set out to celebrate in his brand new track ‘Desi Kudiyan’ – Traditional Girls. Manchester based singer & music producer Tariq Khan is renowned and respected in the music industry for his consistent delivery of an array of hits from ‘Soney Di Taveetri’ to ‘Teray Sadqay’ and more recently ‘Tu Meri Jaan’.

‘Desi Kudiyan’ represents Tariq Khan’s love for traditional Punjabi Bhangra which can be enjoyed by any age group and at any occasion. The heavy beats, thumping base lines and catchy strap line is guaranteed to have everyone singing and dancing throughout!

The single has been produced by Kam Frantic, world famous music producer and long-term collaborator of Tariq Khan. There is also a ‘Desi Kudiyan Remix & a bonus track Thora Jeya Tak Lain De produced by the super-talented Tariq himself. The single is a result of Tariq’s dedication, time and passion for his art and his continual strive to maintain a high standard of musical output to his audiences.

Due to a high volume of requests from his fans, a bonus track ‘Thora Jeya Tak Lain De’ (Let me catch a lil glimpse) has also been added to the release, so be sure to look out for this summer smasher! Both tracks have been shot in Punjab by the multi-talented film & music video director Sandeep Sharma, who has matched the captivating audio with a stunning collection of visuals.

The tracks are available for purchase now on iTunes and all good digital distributors – remember this is not just a track for the Desi Kudiyan, but for all those who have an appreciation of them!

Tariq Khan would also like to extend special thanks to Prem of Partners in Rhyme for his support and guidance on the project.

Both tracks have been shot in Punjab in India by multi-talented film & music video director Sandeep Sharma.


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track is quite good actually the legacy edit is my favourite
pop star
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what a muppit! 0/10

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