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Kamal Kroria & Pav Dharia - Peengh (Out Now)

3Q Records present the debut single by Kamal Kroria & Pav Dharia titled Peengh - Out now on iTunes

Born as KAMALVEER SINGH BHUTTA, in the village of Kror, KAMAL KRORIA is a Melbourne based singer who moved to Australia in 2012.He grew up being influenced by 'Amar Singh Chamkila' and the Late 'Kuldeep Manak'. Not only does KAMAL sing, but he has written over 1000 songs.

As he grew up, his thirst for a career as a singer become unbearable which lead him to meet PAV DHARIA. He showed PAV many songs out of which 'PEENGH' was chosen as the first track they would work on. When 'PEENGH' was completed, KAMAL knew it was destined for big things.

PAV DHARIA is one of a few Bhangra music producers from Australia with 'PEENGH' being his debut single to be released in the UK.
Pav's interest in music started as soon as he could speak to to the influence of his father, who was a student of the legendary 'Lal Chand Yamla Jatt'.

Entering his teens, Pav had performed on stage numerous times and by the time he completed high school, he was able to play many traditional and contemporary musical instruments.

His ability to play various instruments, lead him towards music production which he started in 2006 whilst being heavily influenced by Bhangra Music from the UK, especially that of Dr.Zeus & Sukhshinder Shinda.  His ambition to showcase Australian talent on the world stage through the UK Bhangra industry has now become a reality.


Peengh - Single - Kamal Kroria & Pav Dharia