Rob-E ft Sunny-G - Driver (Out Now)

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It was a dream come true for Punjabi singer Rob-E when he met with seasoned producer Sunny-G and he agreed to work with him to produce this debut single ‘Driver’, check out promo here!


Driver is a Bhangra tune with a difference. A real infectious little number, it’ll have you tapping your feet in seconds. It’s accompanied by a quirky video in which Rob-E ejects Sunny-G from his VW Vanette to make space for a beautiful girl he sees stranded by the side of the road.

Rob-E hails from Bathinda in India and has been singing from the age of six to school friends and relatives. He was inspired, like many others by the folk legends of Punjab including Kuldeep Manak, Gurdas Mann and Chamkila.

In 2006 he was asked to sing in front of the whole school and received great response and some commented that he had a musical future ahead of him.

This led to the singer realising that he had one chance to realise his dream and that to make it he had to go to the UK. With blessings and full support of his family he took the plunge and flew off to London.

Then followed almost 6 months of searching for a producer till a chance meeting on Facebook with Sunny-G created ‘Driver’.

Sunny is no stranger to the music world. He previously released an EP called ‘Gettin Started’ and has worked on numerous productions ‘behind the scenes’. Sunny-G has his own style, sound and ideas that bring together a fusion of Bhangra, Hip Hop and other genres which influences his unique sound. He is classically trained and plays a number of instruments such as the Dholki, Dhol, Tabla and Harmonium.

Driver - Single - Rob-E & Sunny-G


0 #4 ranjii 2012-07-17 22:40
ouch someone is feeling the ghost production lol sounds ok
-1 #3 2dapoint 2012-07-17 01:30
Kimmy why would ya say its ghost produced ?
Not every newcomer is a fake producer, some can produce but yh do a lil research about the guy and u'll know that he can do or done!!
-3 #2 kimmy 2012-07-16 23:11
Looks ok now who ghost produced this lol
-1 #1 jisounds 2012-07-16 21:55
Hmmm interesting!

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