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LiL Amit ft. Lucky Sidhu - Ek Hor (Out Now)

Lil Amit continues his success after the hugely popular love song 'Mohabatan Di Baat’ and fires back with this even bigger dance floor smash ‘Ek Hor’ featuring Lucky Sidhu!


Produced by another of Beatcircle’s latest signing, Suni Nox, this track is set to become the final song anthem.

Dedicated to that pleading moment when nobody is prepared for the party to finish, and signal the ‘one more’sign to hope keep the DJ in place, it’s a song for both the crowd and the DJ.

Featuring the voice behind recent release ‘Gussa’, Panjabi maestro Lucky Sidhu blends his vocal talent right into the mix of it. So next time to you are at a party and find it hard to depart from that dancefloor, make sure to signal for ‘Ek Hor’.

Ek Hor (feat. Lucky Sidhu) - Single - Lil Amit