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Avtar Maniac & Ravi Bal - Haneri (Out Now)


An ominous rumble in the air lingers as swirling winds charge forth and a volatile surge in pressure closes in… A STORM of unparalleled magnitude is brewing! Prepare for your senses to be engulfed by the colossal vocal chords of one Avtar Maniac; the raw, undiluted force behind Folk You and 2 Extreme.

Following a uncharacteristic quiet spell on the sidelines the mercurial folk specialist has called upon illustrious producer and modern-age musical marvel Ravi Bal to provide the canvas for Haneri – a 4-track EP releasing via Moviebox that ought to come with a safety disclaimer such is the intensity of the sounds unleashed by the duo!

Holding nothing in reserve, Dhann Kaur (Ravi Bal Mix) is a signal of intent, a white-knuckle adrenaline rush that is set on its way in smouldering fashion by mighty Maniac over an equally forceful and unrestrained backing courtesy of Ravi Bal that is full of bold, sweeping percussion and extravagant sarangi pieces. The explosive vocals alongside an animated and compelling composition prove an overwhelming blend that builds up to a crescendo for Maniac to wax lyrical about the eye of the storm, the dominant Dhan Kaur herself!

Producer Ravi Bal opts to stay in the folk fast-lane with Aaja Makhana and Maniac> is all too happy to oblige as his razor-sharp vocals gel in fine style on this signature offering from RBP. Keen to show that he can adapt to different musical styles, Avtar Maniac takes to the less conventional, more contemporary Pashaan Mitro with similar gusto and effortlessly negotiates the engaging rhythm inextricably crafted by Bal.

The singer further brings his folk A-game to Anakhi Punjabi and demonstrates his astonishing range, clarity and natural vocal ferocity on this hearty number. With the tempo cranked up a notch, Ravi Bal maintains an all-important bite to the percussion and produces a masterclass on keys on this pride-fuelled track which Maniac thrives upon.

The Maniac-RBP powerhouse ensures there is no let-up throughout proceedings. Beware, Haneri (Storm) is set to cause widespread chaos and leave a path of destruction in its wake!