Dj Raj ft Bakshi Billa & Sarbjit Kaur - Jago (Out Now)

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After the release of his debut single 'Mittran De', Dj Raj instigates the next chapter in his career with his brand new single titled ‘Jago’, the first single from his introductory album titled ‘The Debut’ which is set to release later on this year.

  Dj Raj ft Bakshi Billa & Sarbjit Kaur - Jago by SimplyBhangra Music

Having signed to VIP Records earlier this year, Dj Raj set his sights on releasing an album incorporating some of the finest and most sought after vocal talents in the industry. Having to date received endless plaudits for his versatility on the decks, Raj aims to transfer this quality to his music production and what better way to start than with a traditional ‘Jago’ track; fitting for one of the youngest professional wedding Dj’s in the UK.

‘The Debut’ is set to feature the vocal talents of Bakshi Billa, Sarbjit Kaur, Sudesh Kumari, Manjit Sohi, Bill Singh, Pritam, Nirmal Sidhu, The Late Kaka Bhainiawala and more.

‘Jago’ complements the raw yet clean cut vocals of Bakshi Billa and the female folk sensation Sarbjit Kaur. ‘Jago’ is releasing on the 5th of July to introduce the Pre-wedding dance floor hit with a full video to follow shortly.

‘The Debut’, the forthcoming album from Dj Raj, releasing this year on VIP Records.

Jago (feat. Bakshi Billa & Sarbjit Kaur) - Single - DJ Raj


+2 #2 Realist 2012-07-05 16:35
Having a 'big named vocalist' in your song does not mean that its going to be an amazing track...too many so-called producers paying a few hundred pounds for some vocals with un-original lyrics and putting a simple beat and typical video out...Dj Raj should stick to being a club dj and allow the music production and wedding scene, which i think hes now aiming at!
pop star
0 #1 pop star 2012-07-05 16:16
wow what a whack track!

put a sock in it :-x

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