Jay Singh - Angel (Out Now)

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The debut single ‘Angel’ by Jay Singh, out now, watch full video here!

Jay Singh started singing at a very young age and in 2009 started developing his talent professionally from vocal teacher Rai Kalsi and now is under the guidance of Billa Sahota. Jay's musical inspirations are Babbu Maan and Jazzy B among many others.

Jay has developed his singing talent and now is set to make his mark on the Asian Music Scene with his first offering called ‘Angel’. 'Angel' (Pariyan Vargi) has been written and composed by Jay himself and marks the start of his musical journey.

‘Angel’ will be released on Sid Nahal Records, a brand new record label, offering new artists a platform to showcase their talents.

Jay will be performing at a number of events to coincide with the release of his debut single.

Angel - Single - Jay Singh


+3 #3 Sarj 2012-07-08 22:53
Well done mate song looks good,don't worry what people say its easy to comment sitting on the sofa, at least your out there doing it, living the dream keep it up bro good luck
0 #2 Weeman 2012-07-05 12:29
Hahahaha oh no, another one! Jay Singh, singing with autotune won't save your life.

Take som lessons and start learning the proper way.
pop star
-1 #1 pop star 2012-07-05 09:55
its about that time for you mate.. take a break have a kit kat!

put a sock in it :-x

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