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Prabus feat Raaj Sekhon - Ghar Aaja (Out Now)


Prabus returns with his long awaited second single ‘Ghar Aaja’ featuring the vocal talents of Raaj Sekhon out now via digital release.

This release sees Prabus team up with vocalist Raaj Sekhon, who is known for the hit song ‘Maa’ which was popular both in the UK and in India. Ghar Aaja exposes the harsh reality faced by immigrants, many of which have recently come to the UK illegally, looking to the Western world as a means to provide for their families back home.

“I’ve always had the idea of doing a song like this to educate those who come to the UK, often funded by their families back home and leaving them in considerable debt. Most hope to find work and send money home to clear debts and provide a better standard of living for their families. Many have found that this glorified dream is not a reality. We’ve heard stories of how many of these individuals are living rough and are unable to face the shame of returning home a failure. Some become victims of drug and alcohol abuse in an attempt to relieve the psychological stress.”

Ghar Aaja is true to the Prabus sound and delivers hard-hitting beats complimented by Raaj Sekhon’s powerful vocals. We’ll definitely see them collaborate again in the near future.

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Prabus - Ghar Aaja (feat. Raaj Sekhon) - Full Song by SimplyBhangra Music

Ghar Aaja (feat. Raaj Sekhon) - Single - Prabus