Ahsan Bajwa ft. Metz 'N Trix - Nerre Nerre (Out Now)

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Up and coming singing sensation Ashan Bajwa wow’s audiences with the release of ‘‘Nerre Nerre’’ (Come Closer) featuring Internationally renowned MC’s Metz n Trix. Energetic electronic dance pop music laced with infectious melodies and pulsating beats Produced by Sunny Brown.

Born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, grew up in Lahore, Pakistan at a early age Ashan Bajwa had an interest in music and then went onto writing and singing solo material in Panjabi and Hindi. This new creative freedom found him recording demos and eventually successfully releasing “Sunnah” (Emptiness) in 2010 produced by Eren-E.

Through the years Ashan has became a fixture in the music scene, and has taken the stage with the Desi Hit Squad at city-sponsored events like The Hague Festival in the Netherlands a multicultural event promoted by the government.

With the release of ‘’Nerre Nerre’’, and his charismatic presence Ashan will gain worldwide recognition within the music industry.

Ahsan Bajwa - Nerre Nerre (Come Closer) (feat. Metz 'n Trix) - Single - Ahsan Bajwa


0 #6 pwincessiramxx 2012-11-19 11:55
:lol: this song is really gud xxx i luv the people that sing it .xxxxxxxxxxxx
Gurneet Rehsi
0 #5 Gurneet Rehsi 2012-07-02 04:31
just cuz sum pple got money tu rent big rides doesnt mean they can sing aswell...:L
no offence boys try nxt yr...
peace :)
+3 #4 Aneela 2012-06-20 18:40
this guy sounds like a kid! his voice also sounds autotuned :/ metz n trix use to be good back in the day but now they have gone really bad. why are they repeating lyrics seriously? make up something new
popstar is a panchod
-5 #3 popstar is a panchod 2012-06-18 10:02
no no no, me popstar is so doggy god yaaarrr
+8 #2 RE: Ahsan Bajwa ft. Metz 'N Trix - Nerre Nerre (Out Now)popstar 2012-06-18 09:21
the 3 kebabs!

100% pure Crap.
*no artificial colours*

the punjab
+3 #1 the punjab 2012-06-17 21:59
"Internationall y renowned MC’s" lol yaar kyon mjaak karde o...

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