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D-E-A - On A Serious Note (Out Now)

D-E-A (Dhol Enforcement Agency), the world renowned dhol group have just released their brand new EP 'On A Serious Note' via iTunes.



On a Serious Note - EP - Dhol Enforcement Agency (Indi Singh Soor Dea)

“On A Serious Note” sees D-E-A explore & expand their vast musical knowledge into an eclectic mix of desi sounds fused effortlessly with contemporary western beats. The instrumental EP features 4 superb singles that set themselves apart musically & will be perfect for not only DJs, but all musical uses.

The EP features the elegantly made ‘Sarangi Chillout’ – an extraordinary piece of music which places the beauty of the Sarangi instrument at its core, making this song aptly name ‘Sarangi Chillout’. Also featuring on the EP is ‘String You Along’ a song designed to set alight asian weddings, with its beautifully crafted musical pieces supplemented by a desi dhol.

The D-E-A (Dhol Enforcement Agency) hail from Leicester, UK and are headed by Indi Singh Soor. They quickly established them as one of the finest UK Dhol groups, performing with a live algozey, tumbi, sarangi, boliyan and a live sampling machine. They have performed alongside some of the biggest names in Asian music whilst also holding weekly classes in Leicester to teach young kids the art of Punjabi music. A highlight of their live performances was recently performing infront of the Queen & Kate Middleton to mark the Queens Jubilee celebrations.

The D-E-A Dhol & Punjabi music classes attract students from all ranges, both male and female; who are taught the art of playing Dhol & Punjabi Music. The classes are designed to help both newcomers and experienced musicians in extending their knowledge.

DEA Sarangi - Sandeep Kandola

“On A Serious Note” coincides with the release of the launch of their exclusive iPhone App titled ‘D-E-A Sarangi’ – an app that lets you expertly mix the different sounds explored in ‘On A Serious Note’ including; Sarangi, Dhol & Dhad.