En Karma - Tu Nach (Out Now)

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Sounding fresh and up to date without losing the essence of what En Karma is all about; summer 2012 heralds the six-member band’s official return. The first eponymous single, Tu Nach releases worldwide May 31st, and provides a foretaste into the sounds to come from the big, loud forthcoming album, Tohar Naal Jeena.

With huge support of mega labels Moviebox and Music Waves, Tu Nach embodies the values and experiences of En Karma while allowing the listener to grasp how the band has evolved in sound. The unique vocals and instrumentals of En Karma have sparked interest in modern Bhangra for a new generation. En Karma embodies, as the saying goes, six musicians that march to the beat of their own drummer, tilt toward experimentation, collaborate only with those who share their passion, create new sounds, and, by extension, construct rip-roaring musical sensations. Tu Nach is available on iTunes worldwide. In the meantime, check out the song's YouTube Video Teaser.

Tu Nach - Single - En Karma


Bhangra singh
+3 #1 Bhangra singh 2012-05-16 13:57
Sounds sik.
There first album was great look forward to this new one.

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