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JS Kay - Gani (Out Now)

Musical Storm Records are proud to present the release of ‘Gani’, the new single by East London based vocalist JS.Kay. The track follows his debut album ‘Expressions’ which was released in August 2010.


The lyrics to ‘Gani’ have been penned by lyricist Mohinder Sirsarhiwala, the lead lyricist in JS.Kay’s debut album. Gani is a fast tempo track which has been produced with a blend of Punjabi folk percussion and instruments playing alongside a rock style guitar rift. It brings both eastern and western sounds together but is embedded with that all important essence of Bhangra. Since his last release, JS.Kay has spent time learning about other genres of music, and experimenting with different sounds and instruments; this track is a reflection of this.

JS.Kay’s enthusiasm for live music has led to this collaboration with the respected guitar maestro, live musician and producer Sahib G. Having performed at music festivals across the world and being part of the live band behind the theatre production “Britain’s Got Bhangra”, Sahib G has used some of the influences he has picked up of world music in this new track.

Members of the band ‘Bass2Base’ performed musical pieces in the production of the track. The band also make an appearance in the accompanying video, which was directed by Rav Bhogal of Swarn Media.

Gani (feat. Sahib G) - Single - JS.Kay