KS Bhamrah - The Return

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K.S. Bhamrah is a veteran of the UK Bhangra scene; his experience expands more than two decades. As part of the 80’s group ‘Apna Sangeet’ he penned lyrics provided a powerful voice and played keyboards which gave the band international stardom. Awards for Apna Sangeet included; winners of Up Coming Band Award 1986/87, a nomination for Best Personality for Bhamrah and winning the Best Band award at the 1987/88 UK Asian Pop Awards.

His first solo project, which was the release of ‘Overdrive’, was considered the best Bhangra release of all time; this resulted in Bhamrah winning the award for Best Lyricist in 1992 at the UK Asian Pop Awards.

He has continued with his success by providing vocals, lyrics and music to amongst others Stereo Nation, The Sahotas, Pardesi, Punjabi Hit Squad, Ravi Bal and Punjabi MC.

2006 sees K.S Bhamrah teaming up with VIP Records and the launch of his long awaited album ‘The Return’. With VIP Records production, the venture has allowed Bhamrah to focus on writing songs and
experimenting with new and different styles.

The album brings together two musical worlds, the old skool vocals, melodies and lyrics with new skool beats, bass lines and sound.

The album has great appeal in different ways to different listeners, from Dushman and Pyar tracks for the youngsters, slow listening tracks for the elders and dance tracks for the whole family. The Return contains something for everyone and will re-introduce Bhamrah in to the nu-skool Bhangra scene.

K.S Bhamrah’s skills and experience are legendry, along with his trade mark smile he is the original true artist and performer.


01. Tappe (featuring Sazi)        Produced by Ryan Singh
02. Pyar Bina                Produced by Dj Vips
03. Dushman                Produced by Dj Vips
04. Tere Naal (featuring Sazi)        Produced by Dj Vips
05. Bhabi                Produced by Dj Kunal
06. Punjab Bellio            Produced by Dj Vips
07. Bhamrah Boliyan            Produced by Dj Kunal
08. Ke Hogay                Produced by Ryan Singh
 09. Tamana               Produced by Saq
10. Ghar Aja Sonya            Produced by Dj Kunal


The album is out NOW!

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