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Rav-E - Haan Karde (Out Now)

Rav-E is a new signing to internationally renowned production duo Tigerstyle’s boutique label Soldier Sound Recordings. His debut single “Haan Karde” introduces him to the Bhangra scene, with a lot more to follow!!!Listen to Promo Here!

  Rav-E - Haan Karde by SimplyBhangra Music

Hailing from California, Rav-E is a talented artist that has been rocking stages all across North America as a member of San Francisco's legendary Non Stop Bhangra Collective. This young yet seasoned artist has a natural infatuation with Bhangra, the folk music of his motherland Punjab. Not only is he a talent behind the dj decks known for seamlessly mixing Bhangra, Hip-Hop, and Electronica on the fly, but is also an exceptional dhol player after having studied under the world renowned Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti. This killer combination has undoubtedly made Rav-E into a multi-dimensional live performer and has given him the opportunity to perform alongside some of the biggest names in the Bhangra industry.

Now, taking the skills he learned from his traditional training with Ustad Ji and his experience as a veteran DJ, Rav-E has began his journey as a music producer. His goal is to the bridge the gap with hopes of elevating Bhangra to a new level of international recognition. While remaining close to his roots, Rav-E is striving to further facilitate Bhangra's transcendence across musical and cultural barriers.