UDN - Paar Langah De (Out Now)

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Introducing a trio of young talented producers/djs, UDN are set to explode onto the Bhangra scene with their debut release Paar Langah De, watch full video here!.

Nav, Ruman and Gary bring their own individual skills and ideas which contribute the unique UDN sound, guaranteed to fill dance floors around the world.

With over 9 years experience on the wedding and club circuit UDN have built up a reputation of rocking functions and clubs, it was a natural progression into music production which began the creative process of their debut album. Paar Langah De is the debut release from that album and it best fuses the old school folk vocals with the the new westernised influence of the UDN sound.

The 5 years preparation and planning which has gone into the UDN project was not the aim to turn into overnight celebrities, but to work out and achieve the overall mission statement of achieving the clients needs either by our services as djs or through the means of our music. From traditional folk songs; to new Desi tracks, the UDN album has the overall theming as being one of the most dance floor produced album of its time. Collated from the ideas and talents of 3 individual characters, the album caters for a wide spectrum of ages all with one intention in mind, to dance the night away.

Paar Langah De releases on Thursday 29th March 2012 on iTunes worldwide by Three Records.


-1 #14 Gogi 2012-04-18 13:52
got this on repeat. You boys killed it!! (Y)
-1 #13 Amrita_A 2012-04-18 13:51
The boys took a big risk in reproducing a classic, but been done tastefully and definitely does the original justice. Look forward to hearing it at Weddings and Parties!
Well Done UDN!
+1 #12 gully 2012-04-07 12:07
load of turd, and showing disrespect to the lend that is mr balwinder safri, how low can they get by claiming their smash hit debut crap
-2 #11 gurdev272 2012-04-03 11:20
what a load of rubbish....abso lute crap...y have u disrespected a classic sung properly by balwinder safri and u guys r so out of me a favour and never release an original again, u will fuk it again !!! i am hater of crap
+4 #10 0000 2012-03-29 22:22
Track is well produced even though i dont know much about these guys so wont accuse them of ghost production until there is some solid evidence.
+1 #9 rav1982 2012-03-29 12:19
Jasraj panesar and miss g...look at the comments left by makhansingh88 & tally singh mandair, these guys r 100% rite. U have been brainwashed into another copied track originally balwinder safri a legend. Who has been insulted by these so called producers who could never produce. If they could they would not hav copied someone elses track.
They are makin the industry smell of crap. they hav no talent and should be ashamed of themselves.
Jasraj Panesar
-1 #8 Jasraj Panesar 2012-03-28 02:39
calm down and stop hatinnn loll, ... The songs decent, my little bro hasn't hurd the original so it's educating him on the old Skool... how do u know it's ghost produced? it's ther 1st tune ain't ? Do u kno em? Loll...
Tally Singh Mandair
+1 #7 Tally Singh Mandair 2012-03-28 01:26
Quoting MissG:
U Dumbass uneducated fools making stupid comments!! ITS A COVER TRACK!!!! Jelous mofos!! lol!! The track is heaaaavvvvyyy!!! UDN all the way baby!!Peace!!!

Unfortunately you yourself are the uneducated fool; clearly uneducated in Bhangra. Balwinder Safri's version is in a different league to this ghost produced trash. Ask these 3 useless faggots to produce a song for u, they wont be able to because its 100% been produced by someone else; so obvious. I bet not one these pricks can even play a proper melodic instrument.

Advice to UDN [censored]s, stop trying to promote your roadshow through ruining classics and paying someone to make music for you. invest your money and time into becoming a half decent DJ, then u mite not have to stoop so low next time; attention seeking losers.
-2 #6 MissG 2012-03-27 00:28
U Dumbass uneducated fools making stupid comments!! ITS A COVER TRACK!!!! Jelous mofos!! lol!! The track is heaaaavvvvyyy!! ! UDN all the way baby!!Peace!!!
+2 #5 AP 2012-03-25 23:46
the singer is a s amar sik voice love it.
makhan singh88
+2 #4 makhan singh88 2012-03-25 12:39
What a load of crap, using an old classic like paar langah de and makin out u done it. U hav been on the scene and working on a project for 5 years and you couldnt come up wit ur own original song so u decide to copy the classic and throw in a few modern beats. pathetic, u guys r just another bunch of talentless crap poisoning our system. The trouble is u guys will never be in the same bracket as a proper producer until u give respect to the classics
-3 #3 Singh95 2012-03-24 23:49
Who is the singer?

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