Gupsy Aujla feat Saini Surinder - Rangeeleh (Out Now)

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Having already collaborated on two hit tracks, the deadly duo of Gupsy Aujla & Saini Surinder team up once again for their brain new single ‘Rangeeleh’, out now via iTunes!

‘Rangeeleh’ is the third collaboration between both producer & vocalist, who first got together in Summer 2011 for the superb traditionally themed single ‘Bhangra’. After topping the iTunes World Chart with ‘Bhangra’, Gupsy Aujla & Saini Surinder delivered the outstanding ‘Get Funky’, an innovative house track!

‘Rangeeleh’ once again flips the script for the duo, who on the back of Get Funky, are keen to once again to show their versatility as artists. Gupsy Aujla once again shows why he is considered one of the most exciting musicians in the Asian music scene, delivering another exemplary musical performance. ‘Rangeeleh’ also features the fantastic ‘Violinder’ who has delivered his unique violin playing skills on to the single.

No expense has been spared for the video for Rangeeleh, shot by Filmlore & concept by Jarnail Singh. The video captures the powerful and true essence of the song ‘Rangeeleh’, shot at the medieval Bodium Castle, filming at the caste was done with the permission of the National Trust.

Gupsy Aujla feat Saini Surinder – Rangeeleh is out nownd via iTunes on E3NA.

Gabru Rangeeleh (feat. Saini Surinder & Violinder) - Single - Gupsy Aujla

Gabru Rangeeleh (feat. Saini Surinder & Violinder) - Single - Gupsy Aujla


Rohit Rooprai
+1 #11 Rohit Rooprai 2012-03-24 11:32
This is an amazing track. what a tune by Gupsy Aujla , Saini Surinder and the talented Violinder. The Lyrics, Beat and the violin just are perfect. Best track so far!
0 #10 Jasmeena1 2012-03-24 10:37
Love it, this duo get better and better each time. Very different to "get funky", this is very raw and [censored] love it.
jelly cs sounds
+2 #9 jelly cs sounds 2012-03-24 00:22
+1 #8 gandu_haters 2012-03-23 03:38
Looks lie this going to be one powerful track. Is that jelly manjeetpuri doing th backing? He sounds so powerful
+1 #7 mandizzle 2012-03-23 02:07
how come its not out yet?
Bally Singh
+5 #6 Bally Singh 2012-03-22 11:15
Is it Stin on the Video, I had goose bumps watching the Chardi Kala Singh's on the video, I hope Waheguru gives me hope and kirpa to do the same one day SOON.
Jelly CS sounds
+2 #5 Jelly CS sounds 2012-03-22 09:42
RANGEELEH iTunes Release Expected within 24 Hours

We are sorry to learn that the iTunes release of Rangeeleh by Gupsy Aujla feat. Saini Surinder & Violinder has suffered a slight delay due to the method of operation in clearance of songs for iTunes release. The track is 100% ready and we too are patiently waiting for its release.

iTunes protocol states that whilst most tracks are made available to purchase within 24 hours of the release date, a small number of entries may be delayed. We expect an imminent release of the track by iTunes and we will update further upon its release.

Rangeeleh by Gupsy Aujla features the powerful vocals of Saini Surinder and introduces the mesmerising talents of Violinder. The video has been shot by Sunny Dhinsey of Filmlore and introduces an exciting and original concept by Jarnail Singh. This is one track and video not to be missed!

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding whilst we await the iTunes release of Rangeeleh
rab di sau
+4 #4 rab di sau 2012-03-19 02:09
Quoting rajeevb:
Incredible! Love the duo. Deadly indeed

But i dun get what the violin boy is doin on the tune. Its an overrated instrument... Bring on the sarangi instead

Bro, u mad ...dis guy is talented Violionder - look him up
+7 #3 WeeMan 2012-03-18 11:50
Respect for Gupsy Aujla. Living in UK and having looks like that is amazing. I like his sikh look :-) Chardi kala!
0 #2 rajeevb 2012-03-18 06:21
Incredible! Love the duo. Deadly indeed

But i dun get what the violin boy is doin on the tune. Its an overrated instrument... Bring on the sarangi instead
ali b!
+11 #1 ali b! 2012-03-17 13:34
This is going to be one of the best for 2012 can't wait to see full video.

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