R.K Ramme - British Punjabi (Out now)

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The debut single by R.K Ramme; who presents 'British Punjab'. The song reflects R.K Ramme's pride in being both Punjabi, but also now residing in Britian & the opportunities the country has given him. 'British Punjabi' is out now on iTunes via Pun Records.


Bondh Pangah
+4 #2 Bondh Pangah 2012-03-01 10:29
Who is this [censored]ing fresh guy......He's here illegally, I saw him running out of the airport 2 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He aint British man, Man sings about British Punjabi, Does he have a valid passport????
He's not afraid of dancing? But he cant even fookin dance...:/
What a Phen Da Truckkk!!!!!
notorious JIXXPAAL!!
+4 #1 notorious JIXXPAAL!! 2012-02-29 22:52
what a fukkin flop loool!!!!!!!!!! !!

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