Panjabi Hit Squad ft. Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Dil Mera (Out Now)

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The internationally renowned Panjabi Hit Squad return to present 'Dil Mera' featuring the phenomenal vocal talent of the mighty Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

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The squad cook up this perfect collaboration between themselves and Bollywood’s number one singer for a slice of ‘urban-qawaali’.

After the huge global success of their last single ‘Miss Soniyeh’, this track truly shows the versatility of Panjabi Hit Squad and the ability to produce sounds that are new, fresh, innovative and most definitely awe inspiring.

Rav says of the collaboration: "It's an amazing feeling to have worked with such a respected and world renowned artist like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. His voice is so amazing and versatile. As soon as he started singing the words to the song we knew this was going to be an explosive formula!”

Dee adds: "The song is not what everyone would expect from him or from us. It’s a dance floor tune but still retains every trademark of Rahat's signature style. This track is one of the most defining moments for Panjabi Hit Squads discography.”

A new video to accompany Dil Mera will be on your screens in the next week and features the beautiful Sabeeka Imam who recently played the lead girl in the Brit Asian movie ‘7 Welcome To London’.

The forthcoming album showcases the duo’s commitment to delivering new and classic sounds all packaged and stamped by the inimitable Panjabi Hit Squad. Expect some outrageous collaborations with Richa Sharma, Ashok Gill, Raghav and the squads very own songstress Alyssia amongst others!

Dil Mera will be available via iTunes on the 1st March 2012.

This is their second single from the Album ‘World Famous’ due for release on March 8th 2012 on iTunes and on CD.

Dil Mera (feat. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) - Single - Panjabi Hit Squad


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No where near as good as the old hit squad sounds these guys are tryin to get into bollywood with this type of music

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