KaliKwest Connected Vol.1 "The Compilation" (Out Now)

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KALIKWEST CONNECTED Vol.1 "The Compilation" is the debut 12 Track Bhangra album from Kalikwest WorldWide Ent. featuring Late Kuldeep Manak, Bhinda Jatt, Manjeet Pappu and many more, music collaborator Mannie Sadhra.

Kalikwest, which is an acronym of Mannie’s place of residence – California – and his Qwest to discover what the world has to offer him!

Mannie unleashes this 12-tracker featuring a collection of his own personal favorite vocalists and producers making it an essential CD for your collection. The speaker-hugging and dancefloor-friendly beats are inspired by his love of Punjabi music and Urban culture which the Kalikwest movement are pioneers of in the USA.

Born in Birmingham, UK, which is widely regarded to be the birthplace of UK Bhangra music, Mannie’s birth certificate shows that he was delivered at the same hospital as Bhangra superstars Sukshinder Shinda and Jassi Sidhu! Could this be the world’s official Bhangra baby delivery unit! Hailing from the village of Mubarakpur, district Nawanshahr in Punjab, Mannie has been championing Bhangra music since moving to the to the suburbs of Northern California in 1988.

KaliKwest have an enviable stranglehold of the entertainment and media circles in North America as well as being a prominent name within the Bhangra fraternity too.

“One of my favourite quotes is ‘Your Network is your Networth’, which I firmly believe in,” says Mannie, and this is ethos is what has taken this desi brother from being a local player to internationally important media mogul!

From India to the UK and beyond, KaliKwest have become a brand name that is instantly recognized as a leading promoter, Social Media Marketing & Design and Artist and Entertainment management firm to be associated with.

Now, as director of Kalikwest WorldWide Ent., Mannie works closely with the likes of Sukshinder Shinda and Jazzy B from the South-Asian arena as well as internationally recognized superstars Akon, Lil Jon, Twista and Snoop Dogg amongst others. Using his enviable knowledge of urban music, his connections and media know-how and his grasp of desi music and Hip Hop, Kalikwest have provided some of the inventors of some of the biggest Bhangra/Hip-Hop collaborations around such as Jazzy B’s ‘Romeo’ and ‘Nakhro’ and Sukshinder Shinda’s ‘Shoulder Surf’, ‘Panjabi Clap’, ‘Around the World’ and the monster-hit ‘Balle’.

Feel the Force of the Kalikwest movement!

Words by Jatender S. Heer

CD will be releasing on FEB 10th with Moviebox Record Label.

CD features vocalist Sukhwinder Panchhi, Late Kuldeep Manak, Bhinda Jatt, Manjeet Pappu, Bal E Lasara, Sukhdev Sukha, Harleen Singh, Sarabjit, Inder Kooner.

With Production by Dj Vix, Bups saggu, Simon Nandra, Sukhi Dosanjh, Jassi Jullandhari, Hari-B, Joti Dhillon, Pardeep Chatha & Ajit Singh, & Kal--M

KaliKwest Connected Vol. One - KaliKwest.


-1 #8 Observer 2012-02-27 17:47
I like this. Downloading from amazn as we speak.
+3 #7 0000 2012-02-12 14:34
Got bored listening to the promos on itunes, far too many shit tracks on this album should have been cut down a lot.
+1 #6 UK DJ 2012-02-10 16:11
That Harleen Singh girl should just stop. the tracks that i loved i cant listen to any more after her cover of them. Atleast watch ur own videos b4 putting them up. Take some training might help you. If they got this type of talent on the album dont know what to say about the album. who is Kalikwest any way? name sounds like they couldnt come up with original name. "West Side Connection" lol..
+1 #5 Surjit.K 2012-02-09 18:59
Is that the Harleen Singh that makes The "Hi everyone, it's Harleene" youtube videos? I hope not or that is going to be disasterous.
0 #4 mukesh.hillary 2012-02-08 12:15
glad mr.panchi is back on this album, he had some good songs on the album by [censored][cens ored] captured but was very folk. Will be good to hear something commercial from him now,,,,,lets c :-)
+4 #3 sametinglilting 2012-02-06 19:24
any promos???
+3 #2 London_singh 2012-02-05 08:39
he has hairy triceps!
ali b!
-2 #1 ali b! 2012-02-05 00:54
Good lineup, sounds interesting.

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