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Jas & Parv - Nachna (Out Now)

After the massive success of their debut single LADO… Jas & Parv return with another track from their forthcoming album ‘acoustic’, this time as an EP featuring a Desi Mix of their track entitled ‘Nachna’.


Nachna brings to you a fresh, new, urban sound with a dynamic set of vocals from Jas Marway’s first attempt as a solo vocalist.

The Jas & Parv movement takes another step forward distinguishing the duo from the stereotype DJ/Producer by not only bringing to you a unique set of compositions, but in-house vocals to add to the package.

Nachna started off as a guide vocal performed by Jas which later progressed onto becoming something much bigger, after Jas’ first few attempts at laying vocals, the duo decided to give this a try, with the confidence and natural sound of Jas’ voice, the track began to form.

The track features a very urban, western R&B sound with an essence of eastern strings. Backed with a deep Bassline, smooth Rhodes, grimey Synth’s, and topped with live mandolins and violins, the track brings together a unique fusion of colourful sounds into the UK asian music industry.

The idea of this track is to be able to bring the release in a western sound with a traditional twist which aims to be able to cater to a wider audience and to display the diversity of the duo’s talents.

The track features recordings from some of the industry’s biggest talent houses, such as Percussion from the legendary Sunil Kalyan, and western keys from the vivrant Hinal Pattani of the 515 Crew.

This track has been dedicated to the late great writer of Nachna, “Jassi Nauli”… without whom, the progression of this track would not be possible…

Nachna releases worldwide on iTunes for digital download on Feb 16.