Manni Sandhu feat Bakshi Billa - Sona (Out Now)

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Here's a teaser for 'Sona', Manni Sandhu's single featuring Bakshi Billa. 'Sona' is out now and the album ‘My Time’ is out on 23rd February 2012 via Brown Boi Music.


Manni Sandhu - My Time (More Information)


The last release from Manni was the extremely popular 'Door Ni Kulne' with Manak-E, now with the release of this second single 'Sona' Manni is gearing up to launch his much awaited album 'My Time' at the end of this month.

Manni, a young talented producer, has been increasingly catching the attention of music fans over the last few years through his releases and his youtube videos showcasing his harmonium, keys and producing skills. After taking a break from music to study, Manni turned his attention back to music last year to complete his album. Setting the stage for the album release, 'Sona' is a Bhangra number with an urban vibe, a sound Manni is recognised for. He showcases his understanding of Panjabi vocals and instrumentation whilst effortlessly lacing it with hip hop inspired beats and melodies.

The single 'Sona' is out now and the album ‘My Time’ by Manni Sandhu is out on 23rd February 2012 via Brown Boi Music.

Sona - Single - Manni Sandhu


Vic Singh
-1 #2 Vic Singh 2012-02-12 17:30
Can you please not release them on Itunes only but amazon as well. I hate Itunes. Great tune btw.
-1 #1 bobb 2012-02-02 19:44
smashedd itt!!!

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