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H S Bhajan - Balle Balle (Out Now)

Bhajan is all set to make you dance on the floor with his new track "Balle Balle" with the outstanding musical conjuction with the Maestro Nirmal Sidhu.

The video for the single features The living Legends like Mohd Sadiq,Surinder Shinda and Nirmal Sidhu.  Get Ready with your dancing shoes on becouse this tune will make you say "BALLE BALLE"

H.S. Bhajan was born in Dolike, district Jallandhar in Punjab, India. Bhajan begin singing during his early high school years and was mentored by famous singer Jagat Singh Jagga. His guru Jagga, gave him the stage name "H.S. Bhajan". It was under the guidance of Jagga that Bhajan was able to meet and network with other artist and learn from them in the process. Bhajan left Punjab during his early twenties in order to seek better opportunities abroad. Bhajan eventually took a job as a sailor on a Greek oil tanker ship. During his two-year tenure aboard the ship Bhajan began writing songs as a way to express himself, these songs would later be recorded as a part of his debut album. After his two-year tenure as a sailor, Bhajan would arrive in Singapore where he met his wife, Kalwant Kaur Bath.

After marrying Kalwant, Bhajan started his journey to America, but before coming to America he stopped in Vancouver, Canada for one month. During this one month period Bhajan recorded a few songs which earned him respect as a Punjabi singer in Canada. These songs because very popular and were broadcasted on Canadian TV. Bhajan would eventually settle in San Jose, California where he created the Shane-E-Punjab Group-the first Punjabi band on the North American Continent.

Bhajan's Shan-E-Punjab group performed all over California and was booked for every weekend throughout the late 80's and 1990's. In addition, Bhajan has performed and toured in various contries such as India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and England.

Bhajan recorded his first LP "Janjar Nu Shanka Ke" with well known music director Ranjit S. Dhaliwal. Bhajan would eventually record 8 more albums over the years:

1. Murke Aun De Lore-music by: Varinder Bachan

2. Puttia Murabbian Wala-music by: Ranjit Dhaliwal

3. Satkar Karo Gurbani Da-music by: Ranjit Dhaliwal

4. Giddhe Vich Aag Nach Di-music by: Atul Sharma

5. Soni Dharti Amritsar Di- music by: Nirmal Sidhu

6. Blast the Boliyan-music by: Kuljeet

7. Dil Dharke-music by: Nirmal Sidhu

8. Hai Margay-music by: Nirmal Sidhu

9. Ma Dye Phull Jhareh-music by: Kanwar Iqbal

10. Apni Bnake-music by: Aman Hayer

In addition, Bhajan also made a cameo appearance in the Punjabi film "Purja Purja Kat Muray", in which he performed his hit song "Chittan Rumlan Wale"

Over the years, Bhajan has had the opportunity to work with other Punjabi artist such as Surinder Shinda, the late Surjit Bhindrakia, Kuldeep Manik, Shaukat Ali, and Mohammad Saddiq. Bhajan currently resides in San Jose, California with his wife and three kids, where he owns and operates four Subway Restaurants as well as a Comfort Suites Hotel. Bhajan is currently working on a forthcoming album and plans on making great Punjabi folk music for years to come.

Balle Balle - Single - HS Bhajan