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Bally releases Move it Video

The new track ‘Move It’ by Bally is an up-beat track getting anyone in the mood to party hard! Check out the music video which depicts a fun atmosphere with a core message of embracing diversity whilst the alter ego comes out to play ;)

Bally’s early influence of music stems from her father, owing to his membership in a Bhangra band called Sitara Group. Her inspiration and idols are the likes of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Bally’s always enjoyed poetry and song writing, hooking up with a friend to put one of her tracks together.

Her track Movin’ On has previously been played on BBC Asian network radio as part of a competition on the ‘Jump Off’ show hosted by ‘The Mentor Kollectiv,’ as well as winning Veena V's ‘Exposure Show’ competition on Club Asia L'don Radio.