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G Deep - Hiq Vich Jor (Out Now)

After the huge success of Sher Punjabi in 2008 and O’Billo in 2010/2011, G-Deep is back with his third album Hiq Vich Jor.


G-Deep has teamed up with Punjabi label Amar Audio for this album. After his Sher Punjabi album G-Deep took a different musical route and came out with O’Billo which had a hindi/Bollywood vibe to it. Although, G-Deep experimented with the hindi album and it gained a lot of success for the artist, he wanted to stick to his Punjabi roots and cater to his Punjabi fans with Hiq Vich Jor.

G-Deep wants to make music that really matters and for that reason this album showcases a variety of different types of songs. The title track Hiq Vich Jor – Bhagat Singh is a partriotic track that is very close to G-Deep’s heart. Bhagat Singh is a huge icon and role model, through this track, G-Deep hopes to influence the youth and hopefully make a positive impact in their lives through music.

The album features a total of ten tracks. There’s Desi Aage Ne which features UK based rapper The Truth. Other songs on the album are Taani Yaaran Di, Na Na Chedi Na, Hit Man, O Dekh Shakeena, Vadah Tera, Husna Diye Pariye, Giddhe Vich, and bonus track Bring it back (Sohniya Kuriya feat. Bigg Boss contestant Sunny Leone).

G-Deep has worked very hard at this album and he hopes that all his fans will continue to support him as they have over the years.