G Deep - Hiq Vich Jor (Out Now)

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After the huge success of Sher Punjabi in 2008 and O’Billo in 2010/2011, G-Deep is back with his third album Hiq Vich Jor.


G-Deep has teamed up with Punjabi label Amar Audio for this album. After his Sher Punjabi album G-Deep took a different musical route and came out with O’Billo which had a hindi/Bollywood vibe to it. Although, G-Deep experimented with the hindi album and it gained a lot of success for the artist, he wanted to stick to his Punjabi roots and cater to his Punjabi fans with Hiq Vich Jor.

G-Deep wants to make music that really matters and for that reason this album showcases a variety of different types of songs. The title track Hiq Vich Jor – Bhagat Singh is a partriotic track that is very close to G-Deep’s heart. Bhagat Singh is a huge icon and role model, through this track, G-Deep hopes to influence the youth and hopefully make a positive impact in their lives through music.

The album features a total of ten tracks. There’s Desi Aage Ne which features UK based rapper The Truth. Other songs on the album are Taani Yaaran Di, Na Na Chedi Na, Hit Man, O Dekh Shakeena, Vadah Tera, Husna Diye Pariye, Giddhe Vich, and bonus track Bring it back (Sohniya Kuriya feat. Bigg Boss contestant Sunny Leone).

G-Deep has worked very hard at this album and he hopes that all his fans will continue to support him as they have over the years.


0 #13 chinajatt 2012-01-21 10:23
so many haters if you dont like g deeps music move on dont comment strange how you comment and looks at his videos when you dont like him g deep made a gud tune i admit his took the composition but he did a constructive thing and gave a gud message about out shaheeds to the younger generation well done g deep
0 #12 yousucks 2012-01-21 04:26
D-Deep I hope you know that it takes almost no talent to write couple of lines and take someone's composition and make a little video with $600 camera and call it your song.. yeah right!

You been trying to sing for ever and have not improved a bit in last few year... you tried hindi, punjabi and even with some english singers/rapper. It aint working for you. You are family/bedroom singer and someone should have told you this a long while ago coz... i don't think you going anywhere with the type of stuff you been putting out. only persons who are pushing this proejct is you and your wife... come one give it a break!
0 #11 mk 2012-01-06 05:56
I think people need to look at the industry as a whole, look at how many people just lip sing and cant sing outside the studio. I give this man some credit cuz i have seen some of his youtube videos on the vaja and were pretty decent. My whole perspective on the music scene is if you cant sing live with a full band ( hi di jor naal) then you loose a lot of credibility.
-2 #10 Mandeepsinghmandii 2011-12-29 08:19
plz post the youtube or video links in descriptions bcoz some people cant watch video on this page and i don't know where i can find this song now and i checked on youtube but i got nothing
+3 #9 LOL-man 2011-12-28 00:45
Taking that in consideration, i'll give G. Deep credit for that.

So many people talking about bull****, at least he is talking about a good topic which might help the new generation somehow. But i just wished he could sing as well.
+2 #8 REALIST 2011-12-27 20:08
Quoting LOL-man:
LOL i accidentally clicked "liked" on "Realist" comment. The answer to your question, because he can't sing.

Even i know he cant, but the message he's portraying is a lot better than some of the stuff that 'good' singer come out rather have mediocre singing but a good message over the typical 'balle balle we're jatts lets get pissed out of our heads' the video looks clean which is always a plus.
+1 #7 LOL-man 2011-12-27 19:25
LOL i accidentally clicked "liked" on "Realist" comment. The answer to your question, because he can't sing.
+6 #6 REALIST 2011-12-27 16:30
Fair enough, his voice isnt the greatest, but atleast the story and message to the songs ing his voice actually makes this tune pretty good, its no hardcore bhangra song, but id still listen to it...dont know why theres so much hate for this guy!
+1 #5 Bobby786 2011-12-25 18:42
Keep it up bro. There is a reason why you are still doing it. This is a great song.
-1 #4 Hmm 2011-12-24 19:12
Why are you so blind too not my other comments? I comment many topic in here, everything from good artist to bad artist.

Cyber bully? lol. Another one of those so-called "protectors". By ignoring fools like him, look what hap[censored]ed to the industry!!!

Just because people IGNORED!! Back in days people were almost afraid to enter the stage if they couldn't sing, now a days, people enter the scene with confidence and yet without a single tone in their throat.
0 #3 Raju10 2011-12-24 17:48
Why is the same guy always commenting on everything G-Deep does? I think G-Deep gets your point, you're not a fan. Is it really necessary for you to put down his every effort? Let people do what they do, why dont you find a hobby other than picking on the same person? Why don't you ignore his music and don't watch his videos? Now that you've made your point that you dont like this singer, why dont you move on to someone else you can cyber bully?
-2 #2 Hmm 2011-12-23 20:36
"G-Deep hopes to influence the youth and hopefully make a positive impact in their lives through music."

Yeah, quit music and singing. That would help!

That would get rid of the disease called wack-singers-in -the-industry.

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