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Shama ft. The 515 Crew - Baarish (Full Video)

British Hindi singer/songwriter Shama brought some magic with 'Diljaani', an upbeat catchy number which was well received by radio and club DJ's nationwide, she is now back with a follow up, titled 'Baarish',watch full video here.

'Baarish' is both beautifully produced and sung, and is a romantic song which Shama has written. As with her previous track 'Diljaani', Shama has collaborated with The 515 Crew, a group of talented British Asian musicians who collectively are a live band and production outfit, lead by the musical direction of Hinal Pattani. He describes 'Baarish' as a "rich mix and fusion of the British and Indian sound, something which is becoming a 515 trademark".

The production talents are complimented by a strong Hindi vocal performance from Shama, who adds: "Baarish' is a personal favourite. I enjoy making all my songs but I feel this track really stands out from anything I've done in the past and as always, working with Hinal and the rest of The 515 has been brilliant. We are really starting to find our unique British Hindi sound and 'Baarish' will offer the Asian music audience a great follow up to 'Diljaani'".

The release of 'Baarish' will also include a darker remix of the original, with a heavy drum ‘n’  bass production called the Monsoon mix.

'Baarish', both original and Monsoon remix, out now on iTunes. Click on this link and download your copy today!