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Bob Mann - Illicit Substance [Promos]

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illicit substance


With so many new artist being introduced into the South Asian music scene everyday, only a handful of them become successful. Artists such as Sukshinder Shinda, Mentor and RDB have made a direct impact on the South Asian music platform with their own distinktive styles. However, this time it's a young producer and singer from Canada named Bob Mann who is bringing his mix of bhangra fusion to the scene and creating something that is definitely very unique and sure to have an impact on the international music scene.
Bob Mann first got into music at the age of 15 as a DJ for one of the biggest music companies in North America. His first gig as a DJ was opening for the pioneer of mix albums, Bally Sagoo, at the infamous Enterprise Hall. Once he got on stage for the first time and felt the rush of adrenaline that it gave him, Bob knew that he wanted a career in the music industry. Bob continued to DJ and opened for other acts like DCS, Safri Boys, XLNC and Shaktee just to name a few. A new opportunity was about to be presented to Bob Mann and the rest is history. Bob Mann took his first crack at producing back in 1996 when he went to a studio and a record company mentioned doing remixes of some old Kuldip Manak songs. Bob Mann immediately jumped at the opportuncity and asked to lead the project. Once the opportuncity was given to him, he did not fail to deliver. At the age of 16 he co-produced the hit album titled "One and Only Kuldip Manak Remixes" with his brother. This album was one the most successful projects that the company had put forth, in fact this album still sells today. After the release of the album Bob Mann had decided to go back to school and take an audio engineering program so that he could refine his talent. Upon finishing school and receiving his diploma for audio engineering he still wasn't satisfied. He wanted to do more than just listen to songs all day. Bob wanted to create them and more importantly wanted to express himself through his own vocals. That's when he decided to take singing lessons with Professor Gurdev Singh Phull Ji. Here Bob developed his singing abilities but still wanted to express his own unique style so he decided he should change teachers. Bob then met a teacher that would be able to work with his tone and range giving him the confidence that he needed. He found all this in Sashi Lata-Virk Ji who is well known and respected in the South Asian music community. Bob reflects today and can say that without the help of both teachers he wouldn't be able to pursue his true passion.Once Bob Mann learned how to use his talents effectively he went into the basement of his parent's house and started to work on an album. Half way into the project he realized that the basement studio wasn't going to cut it. He finally opened his own studio, Illicit Substance Productions. This time it was different, he knew that he didn't want to remix other artists' work, Bob Mann wanted to start his music from scratch, creating something from nothing. Packed with the knowledge that he gained through years of training he created his debut album titled ILLICIT SUBSTANCE. In this album he poured everything that he had in him, creating something that one can easily say is going to change the way people listen to South Asian music. The title itself explains the feeling that music gives to Bob and that's the same feeling he tries to convey to his audience in tracks like Ni Ajja feat. Battle K.A.T.T and Morni feat. Blitzkrieg. While these tracks cater to the younger generation, he also wanted to do tracks that would appeal to the older generation, a generasjon that had inspired and influenced him. With the help of Harpreet Randhawa, Bob Mann went into the studio and recorded a track that he felt would work. The title of that track is Lummi. This is the type of song that is going to rock dance floors all over the world.
Bob Mann
Bob Mann knew that singing in a studio was one thing, but to sing in front of a live audience was another. He wanted to prove that he can also perform. Bob did his first live performance as a singer in Vancouver on October 29, 2004 as an opening act for RDB. Bob got the response he needed, instantly being accepted by the crowd and intriguing the other artists with his inimitable style. His second gig was another opening act, this time it was for Harbhajan Talwar, again the crowd responded with great enthusiasm, proving to himself and others that the first show was no fluke. The last two gigs that Bob Mann did were for the Rishi Rich Project. People may have bought tickets to see Juggy D, Jay Sean and Rishi Rich perform however they received an extra treat when Bob Mann went on stage. The sold out crowds in Vancouver and Edmonton wire amazed to see an artist from Canada do such a tremendous job.
While everyone in the world is looking towards England for new talent, they might easily forget thai Canada, mainly Surrey, has produced some of the biggest artists in the industry today. Bob Mann is making sure that doesn't change. He knows that he represents the Canadian born generation and is making it a priority to succeed at being one of the biggest artists to come out of Canada and is musically driven to prove that.


Bob Mann 
Official Tracklisting 


1. Ni Ajja
Bob Mann feat. BattleK.A.T.T.
2. Lummi
Harpreet Randhawa

3. Allarh 
Madan & Miraz feat. Cheshire Cat

4. Bottle
Gurbax Shounki

5. Loung
Raminder Bhuller

6. Morni
Bob Mann feat. Blitzkrieg

7. Bebe
Bhinder Malvi and Suman Bhatti

8. Billo
Gursewak Mann

9.Jah Lehja

Harpreet Randhawa

11.Doli Heer (Traditional)
Bob Mann

12.Doli Ranjha
Kuldip Manak feat. Bob Mann &
Battle K.A.T.T.


The album is OUT September 22nd 2006