Miss Pooja - Breathless (Out Now)

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Miss Pooja is to release her brand new album "Breathless" which is releasing on via Moviebox Worldwide & T-Series in India. Check out the promos!

The album includes some big tracks with music producers like Rishi Rich, Tigerstyle, DJ Sanj, Kam Frantic, DJ Vix & Sukhi Chand. The album also features the Canadian Bad Boy Roach Killa on the massive follow up track to Romantic Jatt.



Breathless - Miss Pooja


+3 #3 Rajj 2011-12-20 10:07
Heard the album and what can I say its a terrible album. Production is really poor. Anyone expecting any outstanding tracks will be disappointed. There's not even 1 good track on this album and I even listened to it twice. Anyone thinking i'm just hating, i'm not. Miss Pooja is a great vocalist and I love her songs but this album doesn't do justice to her talent. You can't just do 'O AHS' and think you will get away with it. For someone like Moviebox records is a big let down. But i'm suprised anyway, its not like they produce good music these days. Same old Rishi Rich production jus washed up and pulled out the dyer and terrible MCing by Roach Killa, who iv'e never liked anyway, his voice makes any track sound bad. There is no [censored] feeling in this album whatsoever. I would'nt even give it a 1 rating.
+4 #2 satindersingh 2011-12-13 23:26
BRILLIANT vocals... Horrible production... no justice
missy tx
+1 #1 missy tx 2011-12-13 22:46
sick, loving this ... the queen is back

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