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Kunal Agarwal Productions are back with Love The Pressure

Top notch video production, top notch music tracks, a team ready to make it big, Kunal Agarwal Productions are back with “Love The Pressure.” With a huge smash hit remix of “Chammak Challo” featuring Akon already under their belts, this crew is gearing up for a long-term career.

Sanjoy Deb ft. Neeraj K - Love the Pressure (Imran Khan Dedication)- Download Here! by Sanjoy

Kunal Agarwal Productions’ single “Love the Pressure” is a feel-good, club joint with a fantastic vibe as it mixes electronic dance hits with artists such as Imran Khan, Nadia Ali and A.R. Rahman; the result is an edgy mix of music from the East and West.

The music video and track feature singer Neeraj K who not only sang the vocals for “Bewafa” and “Hey Girl,” but also portrays a heart-wrenching character on screen. Neeraj K, along with Kunal Agarwal and Sanjoy Deb, plan to continue creating fire music videos/tracks and display their passion for music in full-throttle.  

“Love the Pressure” tells a story that many can connect with. In today’s society, people fall in love, yet stay bound to their first, true love. The video illustrates one such connection, the leading lady (Chandana Kanaglekar) tears apart her relationship by cheating on her leading man (Neeraj K).

he first remix, “Chammak Challo,” was released as a test to see if the industry would appreciate Sanjoy Deb’s savvy music style of bridging electro dance music with the classic Bollywood Indian sounds and Kunal Agarwal’s impressive directing and filming abilities. Not only was the product well received, but it also went on to become a global hit by attaining 400K views in less than 3 months. This took the 19 year old Berkeley students' production value to the next level of professionalism.

With “Love the Pressure’s”  release and the feedback on the video thus far, it looks like Kunal Agarwal Productions continue to kick up their creativity and value.