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Geeta J returns with Solo Single Blush

‘Geeta J returns with her first Solo single, ‘Blush’ (Buliyaan Di Laali), a track full of Emotion and Nostalgic Romance’ listen to promo here!

{audio}media/Music/Nov11/Geeta J-Blush.mp3{/audio} Listen to the promo now!

With her Semi-Classical style and Urban touch, Geeta J is creating a stir with the new single Blush. Blush follows the successful ‘Nachle Sohniya’ and ‘Nachle Sohniya Revisited’, which held the number one spot on the Network Charts for three weeks and whose promo alone, has over 30,000 You tube hits.

With Blush, Geeta J has now teamed up with renowned producer JKD whose most recent production ‘Mehmaan’ proved a runaway success.

‘Blush gives me Goosebumps, says Geeta. The lyrics are so beautiful and as for the Rhythm and Melody, they constantly echo in my mind! Blush is classically romantic, inspired purely by those in Love. For me its appeal lies in the way the emotions of a woman in love are portrayed; true and dignified.

Having worked closely with her Pure Music Generals team in the past, (Smash hit Collective behind ‘Bollywood Skank’ and ‘Gym Anthem’) Geeta J has been part of the Urban dance style of music. Through Blush however, Geeta J hopes to convey a different side to her music, a side she seems most passionate about. ‘I love the Urban scene, and although I will continue writing and creating melodies for catchy dance beats, Blush is different. It has allowed me to deliver to my Fans the type of flavour that I love most’.

Blush will be available on Itunes and all other Digital stores on the 25th of December.